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If you struggle with an incomplete smile or are considering tooth replacement options, our dentist is your go-to dentist specializing in dental implants as the best currently available restoration option for missing teeth. Whether it is one tooth that needs replacing or the entire smile, dental implants offer groundbreaking solutions to help you regain the health and beauty of a dazzling smile. The treatment is performed over several months, and our Great Lakes Dental Excellence team will assist you every step of the way while working on your dental restorations.

Your dental implants require a strategically designed course of action to complete the treatment smoothly and without complications. Our dentist surgically places small titanium posts into your jawbone in the place of a missing tooth – those tiny metal screws are your dental implants. Following the procedure, your gums and bone need time to rejuvenate and heal before we can continue with prosthetic restorations, such as crowns, bridges, or even dentures. During the healing process, dental implants go through a process of osseointegration, where they fuse in with your jawbone tissue for a lasting bond. At Great Lakes Dental Excellence, we also offer mini dental implants that provide adequate support for dentures and other prosthetic restorations.

Why should you struggle with poor oral health and dental imperfections any longer if dental implants are available right around the corner? We invite you to our practice to see if you can qualify for dental implants and discuss all of your options and goals.

Premium Diagnostics at Great Lakes Dental Excellence

While we pride ourselves on experience, precision, and dental artistry, let’s not forget that today’s dental practice cannot function properly without premium dental equipment. Great Lakes Dental Excellence is a leader when it comes to the modern and well-equipped dental experience. In our daily practice, we utilize the latest technology, such as a 3D X-Ray device called cone beam CT, which is ideal for dental implant patients. With the cone beam CT, we can accurately examine your bone tissue, which is the foundation for qualifying for dental implants. These diagnostics allow us to comprehensively visualize your bone with surrounding tissues needed for dental implant support.

Without au fait equipment, even the most skilled dentist will never be able to place dental implants with the highest rate of success and accuracy. Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation to see whether you are the right candidate for the dental implant procedure.

What Makes Us Different

Latest Technology

Latest Technology

Our digital x-rays and impressions are designed for our patients’ comfort.

Flexible Financing

Flexible Financing

Dental care is affordable with our interest-free financing options.

Digital Scans

Digital Scans

Our digital scans eliminate unpleasant, goopy impression material while increasing accuracy.

Electronic Records

Electronic Records

Your records are safe at our digital, paperless and eco-friendly dental office.

Friendly Treatment

Friendly Treatment

Our team is made up of caring, helpful, and knowledgeable individuals.

Excellence Approach

Excellence Approach

Our team is trained to not only treat oral health problems but also provide top preventative services.

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The Reasons You Should Consider Dental Implants

Without a doubt, the best teeth replacement option currently available is dental implants, and chances are that despite enormous advancements in technology, they will remain at the top of the list for a while.

Great Lakes Dental Excellence might recommend dental implants for various reasons. Dental implants are imitations of your natural roots, while the restorations, such as a crown, are caps whose purpose is to cover the implant and mimic the lost tooth structure. We will run a series of tests and x-ray diagnostics to create the proper course of action fitting your unique oral needs.

There are several different types of dental implants to choose from, and depending on your teeth condition and the number of missing teeth, your dentist will recommend the appropriate solution.

Different Types of Dental Implants

A dental implant has several parts that create the entire procedure. Besides the implant body itself, we can distinguish between various types and shapes of connectors, which as the name suggests, connect the implant post to the tooth restoration. In dentistry, we refer to the connector an abutment.

At Great Lakes Dental Excellence, we can replace a single tooth or several missing teeth utilizing dental implant technology. Your dentist can connect multiple laboratory made tooth restorations to the implant body, cementing multiple teeth. The same method is used to cement a bridge on the dental implant body. If you are missing multiple teeth, a bridge mounted to the dental implant is a wonderful solution to help you regain a full smile.

The beauty of dental implants is that we can use a denture, the horseshoe-shaped device, and place it on multiple implants to replace missing teeth. A standard denture is snapped onto your natural teeth by using metal hooks and adhesive, a downside of wearing removable dentures. Implants can support your dentures and do an excellent job doing so. The denture that is placed on dental implant abutments is created with connectors that simple snap on top of the implant body. The partial denture supported on implants no longer poses a risk of falling out when talking or eating, which adds user convenience and aesthetics. In addition, implants support the health of your jawbone, so no bone loss occurs.

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Even with complete toothlessness resulting from gum disease or injury, you can rock full denture based on dental implants. In that case, your dentist will place several metal screws (usually four or more) along your jawbone’s arch, snapping the full denture on top of them. As with partial dentures, having the comfort and convenience of dentures supported on implants is a social and health advantage – no more slips, dentures falling out, and it makes the entire oral hygiene routine much better. With the unmatched comfort and first-rate fit, a dental implant is the best thing you can do for your oral health.

The titanium allows dental implant body is surgically placed into your jawbone after all diagnostic tests are performed. As mentioned before, we need to give your gums and bones time to heal, which might take several months. If you had tooth extraction, the same principle applies before we can place implants into your gums. When your implants successfully complete the osseointegration process, our team can work on attaching the abutments and the prosthetic restoration to your implants. This completes the entire restoration treatment.

If you suffer from missing one or several teeth, we strongly urge you to come in for a consultation where we can discuss fitting treatment options. Having gaps in your dentition have many negative consequences that go beyond aesthetics of your smile. Let’s work together to restore your smile!